Torrent Screen Recorder

Torrent Screen Recorder, a powerful video-recording software, allows you to record video in the full screen, window area or a fixed-region to AVI or WMV files. You can even record audio into the video file, from any source including the microphone, line-in, and speakers.

Torrent Screen Recorder is ideal for making demos, tutorials, and training videos.


* Capture from the full screen,a window or a fixed region.
* Output to AVI file. And the codec can be fully configured. You can choose the video compressor, and its compression quality.
* Support DivX, XviD formats.
* Support recording to WMV file, all the video/ audio settings can be customized.


* Easy to use
* Faster than any other similar product in the market.
* Support recording mouse cursor on screen.
* Support recording audio from any source including the microphone, line-in, or speakers.

* Supports Hot Keys. Hot keys can be customized.


* Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or later runtime [Download Here]
* Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/win7


Torrent Screen Recorder ScreenShot



Tutorial: Step by Step

General Introduction

After launch Torrent Screen Recorder, you will see the main window as above.

Main Interface


The control panel can be expanded to do further controls.


This is the expand button .



Main Buttons

1.0 Select recording source.


You can choose recording source from full screen,window and selected region options.

You can choose to record the audio data or not.


1.1 click the expand button of Record to.

The panel will become like this


2.0 configure the output filename and format.

Type in the output filename, or use the browse button to select a filename.


2.1 Select the output file type --- AVI or WMV


2.2 Configure the video codec, audio codec and audio format.

If you'd like a avi file type, we suggest you choose video codec from DivX, XivD or Mjpeg.
If you select wmv file type, the control panel will be like the following:


3.0 click the record button to start recording.
3.1 To check on the output file with the play button .

To find out the output file content with browse button .


4.0 Find more help here or contact with us.